Nine Months of Motherhood: The Story Behind the Mama Patch

ACS_0125This week marks a whole nine months since I became a mother. 39 weeks of having a beautiful daughter in our lives, filling each day with sunshine. When I look back over those 273 days, it’s easy to just remember the good bits. The sofa snuggles, the smiles first thing in the morning, that little giggle that never fails to lift even the worst of moods. Motherhood is wonderful, but admittedly it can be tough.

As well as the nine-month milestone, this week also marked a significant milestone for my business; the patches from my first Kickstarter were delivered. This post is a little insight into the story behind the patch, and why I’m so proud of them.

Had you asked me a year ago if I intended to release a Mama product, I’d have given you a firm no. Fast forward to May this year and as I thought about my next products, the Mama patch was the one thing that I knew I just had to make.

Since H was born, I’ve found myself drawn into a community of women supporting each other through thick and thin. Be it family, the lovely group of friends that I met at Yoga, or the many people I follow online (though have never met), there is always someone there to support you.

In those early days, I’d find myself chatting to my Mum friends on Whats App at 3am as we all tried to rock our little ones back to sleep. As the rest of the world was sleeping, there was someone there reassuring me that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, new-born babies just like to be cuddled. When everyone else was at work and I was stuck on the sofa under a snoozing baby, I’d find myself on Instagram, scrolling through and laughing at stories from other Mums. I’ve come to realise that Motherhood is a community, and while there are those that like to criticise others (Mumsnet forums bashing ‘Insta Mums, I’m looking at you), for the most part, we’re all just cheering each other on, during the good times and the bad.


There’s lots of Mum merch available these days, and I’ve got my fair share. Why do I buy it? Because I love the positive messages they give, and I like supporting other Mums. On those mornings after a bad nights sleep, I’d put on my ‘Strong Girls Club’ t-shirt with pride, a little reminder that I could still smash the day, even if I just wanted to crawl back into bed. When I returned to work, my ‘Mama, you’re amazing’ pouch was the first thing I packed in my handbag.

The Mama patch is my contribution to the motherhood community. Yes, part of it is to expand my business further (those bills need to be paid), but mainly it’s to share those positive vibes that I’ve experienced over the last 39 weeks. Whether you give it to someone else, or keep it for yourself, it’s a constant reminder that you’re doing an ace job. Put it on your jacket, or stash it away in your changing bag for a sneak peek when you’re out and about, just remember that even though the day may be bad, there’s a sea of women out there ready to cheer you on. Mama, you are amazing.


If you’d like to buy a Mama patch, I’ve now listed these in my Etsy store. I’ll also be adding some bundles, which will include prints and patches.

4 thoughts on “Nine Months of Motherhood: The Story Behind the Mama Patch

  1. Omg I am still rocking my little one to sleep and she just entered her eleventh month…just can’t seem to implement “sleep training” and trying not to feel like a failure…lol so I totally get your idea behind encouraging messages for mums. I relocated back to Nigeria… I need to research how to get Etsy products delivered here

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      1. Hmm it’s true I remember my dad telling me I loved to be put on my dads chest for him to sing me to sleep. I think its a modern thing the sleep training issue. Most infantslove that skin to skin feeling and feeling of safety and security of being enveloped in their parents arms. I honestly think it is because of convenience the western culture forces our little ones to sleep.independently through the cry-it-out method


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